Just so you know, i am just an average teen who loves cooking as well as baking!

Right, as you might also have guessed, I HAVE AN INCREDIBLE LOVE FOR FOODDDDDDDD!

I live for food. I talk about food. I read cookbooks like a novel. Cooking shows are even better than soap. Food has always been my passion since I was young. By that I mean, when I was still in kindergarten. Do you mind if I tell you a story? Thanks. When I was in kindergarten, there is a huge kitchen. of course, it looks huge mainly because I am small. LOL and I always wanna go in and have a look what going on there. One of the best memory I have, was wondering through the kitchen with my teacher.

As you are looking through food blogs, I assume you also love food. Yup, so stay tuned for new recipes and lovely food photos.

Much love!



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