I have been into baking ratio recently. you know? like, figuring out how to create a recipe? playing with different kind of ingredients are just…A LOT OF FUN!!!


As said in the post before, my fridge is always full of goodies. In the mean time, it also has stuffs that were bought long long time ago. They are kind of being forgotten. LOL


My mom is a typical mom, i would say. She is a never-waste-anything mom. She found some cottage cheese and Gouda cheese deep inside the freeze. Very well then, I am in charge of changing them into something fresh! 😛

It is the kind of low fat onion and garlic cottage cheese. You see that green-y onion? Image

Well, maybe it’s too small…lol

But this is a bread which is full of flavor and super rich…like, how can it not be rich? there is CHEESEEEEEEEEEEE!

however, I found it to be too oily though. I would be adding less oil next time. Even if so, it still taste pretty good!

Amended version of the recipe will be up sooner or later!


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