Strawberry Jam Bread

Soft. Air-y. Golden brown. Pale Pink.

Bread has always been one of the best thing on earth. I just can’t imagine life without bread. LOL

My super-nice aunt has made us a jar of homemade jam a few days ago. It was so fresh and, of course, sweeeeeeet! It is just plain AWESOME! As I am in mood of baking a fresh loaf of bread, I decided to put a few tbsp of it in the dough.


You know what? the jam gives the bread an extra-sweetness and richness. what’s better than seeing strawberry seeds in the bread, knowing that the whole loaf is full of nutrients. yes, I didn’t add any water, just MILK.



Maybe I am weird or something. but I like poking the bread. this is the kind of bread that will not become as flat as paper after squeezing it hard. It will immediately return to its original shape! Sponge. HOW AWESOME IS THAT?


What’s better than a slice of toasted strawberry jam bread with half melted butter and a cup of coffee for breakfast? ❤


recipe will be up soon.

much love.



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